Kenneth Hari



W.H. AUDEN - Poet. "Your portraits should serve as a unification of Man, not as decorative ornaments. Continue your portrait work, it is excellent."

DUSTIN HOFFMAN – Actor. "Kenneth, thank you for painting me. Your portrait is not a mere inspiration, the transient expression of private moods, but a work of communication, meant to endure.”

PABLO CASALS – Composer, Conductor, Cellist. "Kenneth Hari’s art work shall influence mankind.”

ORSON WELLES – Screenplay Writer, Actor, Director. “Hari is obsessed as I, his work is rather magic.”

GINGER ROGERS – Actor. “Your work is lovely.  Shall we dance someday?”

JAMES BEARD – Food Critic. “Social responsibility to our fellow humans is what Kenneth Hari’s work is about. He needs all our support, just as a fine chef needs a hungry man in search of good food.”

DOLLY PARTON – Singer, Actress, Performer, Songwriter. “Kenneth Hari is a true artist and in my opinion a psychic. When he is painting you, he feels your heart and soul.”

GRETA GARBO – Actor. “Your drawings look like Michelangelo’s.”

ELIE WEISEL – Writer, Nobel Price Recipient. “You have integrity in your work. Will our fellow man understand what you are trying to say?  Sitting for my portrait calms the winds for a moment. Thank you.”

KURT VONNEGUT, JR. – Novelist. “You are the H.L. Mencken of the art world.”

JOHN HUSTON – Actor, Director. “Although I’m kind of a crusty old fella, Mr. Hari, would you consider doing a portrait of me? I truly love your portrait of Casals.”

JAMES RANDI – Magician. “The portraits you did of me will be remembered or observed or lived with a quality and mystery of its own.”

CLEMENT GREENBERG – Art Critic. “Your portraits have intrinsic value in our world of art. I felt secure being painted by Hari even though much confessional was going on. Despite Hari’s originality he is a painter with nerve and muscle in a major sort of way.”

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS – Playwright. “Kenneth Hari does not paint portraits as they are but as he is. I feel he is hiding something from me. To board a train into his mind would give me a ride into dark adventure.”

PENGFEI ZHAO – Writer, Journalist from China. “Kenneth Hari is not a mere painter of flesh but a master painter of our spirit.”

XIAOYI LIU – Art critic From Beijing, China. “When Kenneth Hari paints and sculpts, he holds court with the angels.”

JOHN CIARDI – Poet. “The portrait of me is very strong, Ken.”

GENE KELLY – Actor. “I’m glad our paths crossed. The portrait you painted of me will be the symbol of my time on our planet. Kenneth, I played you in the movie 'An American In Paris'.”

GORE VIDAL – Novelist. “I have never been painted until your attentive eyes preserved me, Maestro Hari.”

GROUCHO MARX – Comedian, Actor. “Kenneth, thank you for all your kindness. The painting of me should last longer than these bones of mine.”

BURGESS MEREDITH – Actor. “I was honored to have a portrait done by you.”

OLGA BAUTISTA - Art Curator. "Kenneth Hari is a living treasure."