Kenneth Hari


Kenneth Hari’s work is in the permanent collections of more than 350 museums and private collections, including Newark Museum; Beijing Museum of Fine Arts, China; The Vatican; Metropolitan Museum of Art; New Jersey State Museum; Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville, TN; Lincoln Center Gallery, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA. His many solo exhibitions include Beijing; C.C. Price Gallery, NYC, and H.S. Graphics, Ltd., and he has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Hari served as a member of the Board of Directors for the New Jersey Art Festival in 1973. As a sculptor, Hari works in optical crystal, the clearest known material and a medium he helped pioneer.  As a person, he might as well be Niagara Falls---energetic, primal, generous, larger than life---full of stories and facts, and a mystery unto himself. Hari is one of the great masters of American fine art. 

               Art Critic, Author, Artist  --- Tova Navarra, 2015